Thursday, 15 May 2014

The power of desire and believing

Ever wondered why an optimist's life seems better than that of a pessimist? Ever wondered if there was some real basis for why optimistic cancer patients seem to have a higher chance for recovery? Or thought about why we are attracted to feel-good or action anime and movies where the protagonist sets out with conviction to a task and achieves it?
That's because they remind us of the power of believing.

When you believe in, and desire, a good outcome, you will naturally go about the task with positive energy, determination and gusto. Even if the going gets tough, you will keep at it until you reach your desired goal. 

Remember the quote from before, "Your thoughts become your actions"? When you emit an aura of positivity, you encourage the interest and help of those around you. At the same time, you will also be more receptive to their suggestions, while also being more capable of coming up with useful remedies to your situation. Furthermore, even if the outcome does not end up being what you wanted at first, you will be able to appreciate the whole experience better, taking away lessons for future reference.

On the other hand, if you start on the task thinking that it will fail anyway, you not only put in less productive effort, but are also more likely to give up early. You will find yourself coming up with more options that point at impending failure, become less receptive to productive suggestions, and even associate yourself with other pessimists who approach the task in the same manner. Your negative aura will also affect the attitude of those who could have helped you succeed.

In short, you doom yourself to failure.

So, if you have a difficult task ahead of you today, which path would you choose? =) Good luck!

Here's a song to keep you motivated ^_^ Have a good day!

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