Friday, 9 May 2014

Is it worth getting worked up?

When someone does you wrong, how do you react? Do you shake with anger? Curse the person under your breath? Wish they get retribution for what they have done? Or in a less extreme case (say, if you were waiting in line for too long), do you get frustrated and agitated?
Why not take a step back, and take a breath of fresh air?
When you get agitated, who suffers for it? Yes, you yourself! Will the other person care if you got mad? Does it help the situation if you start an argument? More importantly, think about your heart and blood pressure! 
So really, think for yourself, if not for others. You can be selfish for your own health here.
Let it go! If you're standing in line for too long, take a look around, do some people watching (notice that little girl and that cute puppy?), organize your to-do list in your head/phone. Someone cut your lane on the expressway? Just smile and assume he's in a hurry to get to the hospital, his wife is having a baby! Wish them well! Someone did you wrong at home/work? Try stepping into their shoes for a minute, maybe there is a reason for their behavior. If not, cool down before talking over your concerns calmly.
Any emotion is a choice, anger included. Remember this next time you are on the verge of getting worked up: "Does this affect me for the rest of my life? Or just 5-10 sec, minutes?" I'm sure you're smart enough to know what the right thing to do is ^_^

Smile, and be happy =)

Oh, this also applies to penting up negative emotions behind a mental wall. DON'T DO IT! It will come back to bite you later. So, let it go, accept, forgive, feel better. Life is too short to be bearing grudges or making yourself miserable.

* for non-Chinese readers, the quote just says, "Don't be angry"

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  1. Omg this. I feel like mastering anger management will improve my life sooo much.