Friday, 9 May 2014

Life is like flying a kite

My mother once said, "Raising children is like flying a kite. If you give them too much freedom, you lose control and they will fly away. Try to control them too much, the string will snap and they will fly away."

Isn't this so true for so many things in life? 

With work, if you don't care, you can lose control of your project. If you are too particular, you lose sight of the big picture. You won't know when things go awry unless you're paying the right amount of attention.
With love, if you invest very little, the other person will leave you, thinking you are disinterested. If you care too much and become controlling, he/she will feel stifled, cornered, and run away.

Life is really about learning the right balance, of where to focus the right amount of energy (in response to how strongly the situation is pulling you), when to let go of control, and simply trust that it will work out in the end.

* It's going to be Mother's Day soon, by the way! Show your mum your appreciation =) A mother's love seeks no return, and knows no bounds. <3 

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