Sunday, 11 May 2014


Do you feel stressed out all the time? Do you find yourself unable to shake off your anxieties, such that you sometimes can't enjoy a moment of fun even when you tried to take time off?
Give meditation a try! I find that meditation helps clear one's mind, not just when you are meditating, but also the rest of the day. I have tried the free 10-day program from Headspace, where Andy Puddicome, a former Buddhist monk, helps you ease into the meditation process for 10 minutes. In that short time, you first focus your thoughts inward, becoming aware of your own physical body, how it exists in the space around you. Then you allow your mind to simply wander, not controlling your thoughts (yes, you can even let yourself think about what you are worrying about, who you are upset with), but while taking deep breaths and allowing yourself to simply exist in the moment
Meditation does not dissolve away your worries, of course. But I have found myself better equipped to come to terms with what I experience every day, felt my tense shoulders relax, and was even able to sleep better at night, after just 10 minutes of that simple exercise. I am always amazed at how such a short activity can make such a big difference!
So, try it out, and I hope it does the same for you as it did for me =) 
If you are interested, please also check out his TED talk, where he talks about the benefits of meditating!
Matthieu Ricard, biochemist turned Tibetian monk, has also given a TED talk on meditation.  I will write more about happiness in another post.

P.S. If you have tried meditation and would like to share your opinions or experience, please comment!

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