Monday, 12 May 2014

Take a break once in a while

What a day! I achieved quite a bit today, how about you? Do you feel like your to-do list is so long, you don't have time to rest? Well, you should anyway! 
If you feel stuck at a problem (or even worse, starting to get a panic attack), take a walk! Go to a different environment with some open space (the pantry, outside, etc), for a few minutes and think about something that makes you feel happy. I don't recommend looking at your phone though (even if you are looking for cute puppy pictures) ; you've been staring at a screen the whole day. Uncross your eyes and look at a real, physical object instead. If you can look at some nature, or bask yourself in the sun, even better! I always feel that helps. You will find your mind refreshed, and able to look at your problem from a different perspective. 

We only have so much mental stamina to keep going for so long. Like a battery, mental stamina requires recharging, if not you will mentally collapse and lose your ability to think clearly. Taking some sugar helps recharge mental stamina too, though make sure you stick with healthy options such as fruit, veggie sticks, chocolate etc (ok, maybe that peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but only once in a while!). Staying hydrated is always a good idea too~

I am also an advocate of simple exercises -- stretching, alternating between bending your knees and tiptoeing, taking a walk. Oh, and perhaps changing your sitting posture. Get out of that curled up position at your desk, and sit up straight! Better still, stand up and stretch your back, and do a power pose! These simple activities can increase your endorphin levels and help you instantly feel better. Also, you might want to try keeping both feet flat on the ground (instead of crossing your legs) when sitting at your desk, I find that this posture helps me think better (not sure why though).

If you are running around all day, with too many things to do, take a couple of seconds to appreciate something ("Ooh that dress is nice","Nice flowers, it's spring!","Cute baby","Nice car", look up to the sky!). Be reminded that your stress may only last for a moment, and you are part of a bigger world. 

Let your mind take a break, and your body will too.

Now give yourself a shoulder rub, and pat yourself on the back for everything you have achieved today. =)

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