Friday, 30 May 2014

Photography: seeing from another's eyes

One thing I really like about photography is to see things from the photographer's eyes. Different angles can really provide a different perspective, and sometimes enable you to appreciate something, however mundane, on a whole new level. Well-taken photographs can also convey powerful messages through imagery. For example, this series of photographs intended to portray our world in their 'native glory'. The photograph above is my favorite, as I love marine life and whales, but also that it was a perspective that I had never encountered before. It took a few seconds to register that this was a whale's tail in the early moments before a dive, a pleasant surprise for me. I love how the cascade of water flowing from the whale's tail freezes the moment in time, yet creates the illusion of continuity that sparks the imagination into a mental video, straddling between a lobtail and a dive.

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