Friday, 24 April 2015

I want to know...

Sharing a poem written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, posted by Rachel Hollis on The Chic Site

It reminds me of what it means to be human, to live from love and essence, to be real with what and who we really are — children and gifts of God brought to this world to simply be alive.


What kind of stories do you harbor about your life, your world, and yourself?
Are they real? Are they one-sided? Are they all-encompassing? Are they loving? Would you re-tell those stories in a different way? How would you change them?

This TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie may inspire you to rethink the kind of stories you tell about your world.
Have a good weekend, love! =)

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Be who you want to be

If they can, why can't you?

" ... Yasmine wrote, "Question your convictions. Be who you to want to be, not who they want you to be. Don't accept their enslavement, for your mother birthed you free." "

Being authentic

A piece by Brendon Burchard on what being authentic means:

"...there’s two ways to approach the world:
  1. A fixed mindset, and
  2. A growth mindset.
And that growth mindset allows you to push through your own self labels to say, “Who would I have to become to deserve that dream? Who would I have to become to move toward that dream?”
  • That is real for me.
  • That is authentic.
  • That is in-line with my values.
But it’s allowing myself to stretch myself to go there.
Because if you won’t stretch yourself, your concept of yourself, your own boundaries of belief and behavior; you’re never going to reach that next level of success. 


Sometimes we limit our own definition of ourselves and we call it authentic and real and genuine and what we are is scared. And we need to look at ourselves and say, “Okay, let’s go to the next level.”

  • What’s it going to take?
  • What new thing would I have to develop?
  • What new part of me would I have to find?     "

I agree with him that many people abuse the phrase 'being authentic'. Is being authentic being true to yourself, but at the same time are you insisting that everyone else agrees with your point of view? Or will you be brave enough to acknowledge that everyone has their own experience, history and perspective, and brave enough to stand up for yourself in a loving way that is not aggressive, but kind, compassionate, gentle, firm yet flexible to accept new points of view? Is being authentic saying 'That's just the way I am', or saying 'This is what I feel and think now, but who knows what I can be?' ?

Can you do something fast mindfully?

Can you do something fast mindfully? The Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh answers this question.
From my own experience, as the master describes, one has to learn to be mindful by acting slowly and deliberately first. We are often conditioned to be lost in our head or oblivious to everything else when we act quickly. However, once we gain the habit to be mindful, one can also then remember to be mindful in any task, whether it is executed slowly or quickly. As the saying goes, "More speed, less haste", when we learn to act with intention and attention, the amount of mindfulness in the action will not be influenced by the speed of execution. One can be aware at all times. Can you then imagine the power behind that action?

Monday, 13 April 2015

How do you want to show up in the world?

Intention is everything. Believe in yourself, and live the life that you dream of, as the person that you dream of being. =) 
I believe in you. You can do it. =)

Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Moral Bucket List, by David Brooks

I love this article so much =) I wonder what insights you may also gain from it?
The Moral Bucket List, by David Brooks, published in the New York Times on 11 April 2015

These paragraphs especially spoke to me:
"Commencement speakers are always telling young people to follow their passions. Be true to yourself. This is a vision of life that begins with self and ends with self. But people on the road to inner light do not find their vocations by asking, what do I want from life? They ask, what is life asking of me? How can I match my intrinsic talent with one of the world’s deep needs?

Their lives often follow a pattern of defeat, recognition, redemption. They have moments of pain and suffering. But they turn those moments into occasions of radical self-understanding — by keeping a journal or making art. As Paul Tillich put it, suffering introduces you to yourself and reminds you that you are not the person you thought you were.

The people on this road see the moments of suffering as pieces of a larger narrative. They are not really living for happiness, as it is conventionally defined. They see life as a moral drama and feel fulfilled only when they are enmeshed in a struggle on behalf of some ideal.

This is a philosophy for stumblers. The stumbler scuffs through life, a little off balance. But the stumbler faces her imperfect nature with unvarnished honesty, with the opposite of squeamishness. Recognizing her limitations, the stumbler at least has a serious foe to overcome and transcend. The stumbler has an outstretched arm, ready to receive and offer assistance. Her friends are there for deep conversation, comfort and advice."

Here is the link in case the one above does not work:

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sunday, 5 April 2015

You are light, and you matter so much

I am sharing two links to Christine Arylo's 'Divine Spark for Your Heart' 's of this month, and from my heart to yours.

When you are challenged, please remember that you are made of love and light. The light you are seeking lies within. You have the strength to rise above it all. Behind every challenge is love pushing you to become an even better version of you, behind every fear is love disguised as protection gone awry. Believe. Don't give up on yourself.

When you feel small, like you don't belong, feel inadequate or like an imposter, please remember to acknowledge how far you have come so far! You matter so much to the world. Even if you touched just one heart in this lifetime, you have made a difference. (p.s. you already touched mine. For that, I am sending much more love to you, my friend)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

From your future self

I love this.

"Dearest One,
Everything is going to be okay. Remember that when things get tough or a storm comes, you will survive, you will persevere, you will heal, and you will grow. The storm is here to test you, to teach you, to guide you, to carry you forward, to nudge you back to your true path, to expand your consciousness. And if you feel like crying, go ahead and cry. And if you feel angry or sad or frustrated or afraid—feel it all, experience it all. Don’t run, don’t pretend, don’t hide—feel, cleanse, experience, be. You are a beautiful and brave and strong warrior, learning and growing through every experience. Trust the journey. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Shine brightly, beautiful soul. Never lose faith, never give up. You are loved, and you are lovable. I promise you, you'll be okay.
With love,
Your Future Self"

written by Creig Crippen

p.s. JZ, this is for you, dear.