Thursday, 5 June 2014

Don't count the miles, count the 'I love you's

Are you living far away from your family, or loved ones? Are you studying or working abroad? Are you in a long-distance relationship?

I was driving to work today and this song came up on the radio, Christina Perri's "Miles". I was thinking of my family and my grandparents then, and the lyrics "Don't count the miles, count the 'I love you's" really spoke to me. 

Whether you are far away or close to people you love, the distance does not reduce your love for each other. In fact, the distance makes you treasure each other more. Living abroad for so many years, I have never felt distant from my family. On the contrary, I have learnt to communicate more with them, and appreciate their presence, whenever I am able to spend time at home. I miss them a lot sometimes, but knowing that they are loving and supporting me from afar keeps me going. Because, one day, we will be together again.

Distance makes you lonely sometimes, but it shouldn't drive you and your loved ones apart. Lack of communication would. If you are missing your family, hang in there. I feel you. Let each other know how much you care. Count all the 'I love you's, and treasure every moment that you can spend with each other. Love transcends distance.  

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