Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Tutu Project comes to town!

The Tutu Project came to Bloomingdale's at the Stanford Mall this weekend! I am so excited and honored to finally be able to meet these two amazing individuals! They are truly an inspiration. Bob is so kind and Linda, just look at her! She is so so so beautiful. She is still fighting cancer (go, girl!!) yet look at that smile on her face! She is radiant and they are both being so positive about this whole journey. This is a fabulous example of seeing difficult times as challenges, instead of problems, and rising above it. This is how truly living life is. Never give up. Find the silver lining. 
Linda told me that when they started the project, they faced discouragement from naysayers who said it wouldn't work, but hey, they're just doing this from the good intention within their hearts, and whatever they can raise is enough. This is something I completely agree with! It does not matter if things will work or not work. If you have intention, just try. And try your best. No agendas. Act from the goodness of your heart. You never know what life will give you. One can only try! Without trying, what's the point of living? ^_^
I don't know if they'll ever see this, but to Bob and Linda Carey, Thank you for being such an inspiration. You two are my idols (I must have said it 5 times yesterday, haha), you will always be superstars in my heart. Keep up the good work and Linda, I wish you all the best with this battle, and I hope you find a new spunky pair of reading glasses! I know that you will win, no matter what. Bob, you are an amazing man. I can feel the love you have for Linda behind every photo you take. I am so happy that your non-profit is gaining more and more support by the day, and I have faith that you will be touching many many more lives in the days ahead.
Love you two lots. =)

p.s. To find out more about The Tutu Project and the Carey Foundation,
I had written about them earlier here. Or find out about them on these pages:

I was so wowed by their presence that I lost half my verbal capabilities, but that's OK, there's always next time =p 

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