Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Asking for help when you need it

My kitchen's InSinkErator has been jammed for a year now. I did not bother to try to unjam it after the initial attempt, but have been worrying about it lately. Today, I decided to do something about the situation and buy a kitchen drain declogger. On the way home, I came across a handyman parked outside my apartment complex, who was fixing something for a neighbor. After a few moments of hesitation, I decided to ask him if the declogger liquid I bought would do the trick. He said no, and offered to come up to help. I was not sure, given my trepidation about letting strangers into my house. He told me to take his wrench and try it out myself, which I did and failed, since my InSinkErator was not the standard kind. Embarrassed, I went back to him and asked if he could come up to help. He said, "What did I tell you?" (haha) And we fixed the problem in less than 5 minutes (though it was no simple feat), with extra tips from him about what to do in the future. I could not have solved the problem on my own without his help! And all this for nothing, except for a friendship and referral in return.
In a nutshell, I learnt that sometimes, asking for help when you need it, isn't that bad at all. Someone else probably has the expertise that you don't, and you can get the job done more quickly and painlessly than if you tried to hack at it yourself. You just have to be brave enough to ask, and accept help. =)

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