Friday, 12 June 2015

“I want everyone to love me” by Michèle Jabre

Sharing a blog post written by my good friend, Michèle Jabre, who also happens to be a transformational coach.

Featured article: “I want everyone to love me”

How happy do you feel every time you are with people who love you? You feel confident and this highly positive energy allows your self-esteem to be very strong.

Yes, it is the characteristic of mankind to live in a community and to be affected by its feedback about us. We want to impress, to show our best face or value, to be recognized and ultimately to be loved. We simply desire to belong.

Each one of us is surrounded by people who love and appreciate her: family, friends, lovers… This is what helps us face obstacles and hard times in life. They give us the energy required to be able to confront different kinds of issues.

It is really an amazing feeling to be aware of this love. Isn’t it normal then to desire to be loved by everyone and totally forget about all the possible interpersonal tensions?

Think about it very well… about what it truly means.

Why would you have such a desire? Is it to make sure no one will judge you? Or is it in order to have more friends? Or maybe just as an ego boost?

Why do you wish everyone could appreciate you?

Okay, you might need a reality check here.

Just one question: Do you know anyone who is loved or liked or appreciated by all the people he/she meets?

I’m going to cut it short: NO!

No one can be since this is our nature as human beings to have the choice of our feelings towards others. We are free to like someone or not same as we are free to like a kind of food or color. We like it because it triggers something positive within us, and same goes with people. People appreciate you because they share a special interest or bond with you.

Also, let me ask you: Would you be able to love everyone you know? Obviously not. How do you feel about that thought? It gets trickier…

Well, this is the world we live in. We can’t all love each other. It’s just a utopia!

Meanwhile, what I recommend you to do is to enjoy the people who are already in your life. These people are making it better and are the ones by your side when you are in need of support. Tell them how grateful you are for all the love and happiness they give you. They are a blessing!

Now, you can transform your initial expectation into “I am grateful to have all this highly positive energy in my life!”

By Michèle Jabre

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