Sunday, 22 February 2015

Turning negative situations into positive ones

More on positivity and forgiveness!

"If all that happens from it is that you become more kind, caring, compassionate to other people that’s a positive thing, hold onto that. Accept it as a meaningful event, don’t sugarcoat it. Say, “look this happened, it was negative but I’ll turn it into a positive someday, as soon as I can.” Realize that you have that power of choice, that power of decision to react to the situation as a fearful, negative, upset, bitter, hurt person or, even if you experience those things, you also have that choice to start transforming that energy, those emotions into a new positive reality, a new positive emotional state for yourself, eventually."
~Brendon Burchard

"Forgiving doesn't imply that what someone did to you is okay, it simply means that you're not going to let what they did ruin your happiness."
~Timber Hawkeye

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