Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Take your stand toward self-love! Featuring Christine Arylo

Are you on a journey toward more self-love? Are you tired of seeking love from external sources (someone else, food, alcohol, Facebook, Instagram, addictions etc.), wondering why, despite it all, you still feel lonely and empty inside sometimes?
Here are some resources from Christine Arylo that I will/have been using that I just want to share for now. I'll keep sharing more as I get more inspiration for more writings, but I couldn't wait to post these first, because the following (free!) events are coming up really soon!

First of all, do you beat yourself up all the time? Over mistakes that you made, things that you shouldn't have said/do, things that you should have done more/faster, etc.? Do you want to speak to yourself more kindly?
Transform your inner mean girl/inner mean dude to make her/him work for you instead! Christine Arylo and Amy Ahlers are holding a free 90-minute webinar to elaborate on this topic. I'll be attending the webminar, and we can discuss any details after that too!

Secondly, Valentine's Day is coming up. Giving and receiving love from someone else you love feels really nice, but how about the most important person in your life -- YOU! Did you take the time to give love to yourself today? How about everyday? Christine Arylo declared the 13th of February Self-Love Day, and is holding an event at Long Beach:
I will be tuning in (live-streaming lasts from 7-9pm), would you like to join in too? When was the last time you had a date with yourself?

Thirdly, here is Christine's latest love spark post about how to give up negative self-talk: 

Do check out her books if you're interested in knowing more about Christine Arylo, the queen of self-love (she is the star of this post today). I have benefited from her 40-day self-love Me Before We class (taught together with Christine Hassler), and I hope that you may join this adventure with me. 

=) Much love to you, my friend. It's time to really have fun!

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