Monday, 23 February 2015


I used to think that successful people never failed, strong people were never weak, beautiful people never had their ugly moments. It was a very warped view of perfection. But then I eventually learnt that successful people are so because they learnt from their failures, strong people learnt to grow stronger from their moments of weakness, beautiful people have their not-so-beautiful moments but believe in themselves anyway, happy people also have sad moments, teachers were once, and still are, students, and the broken-hearted can learn to love again. We are all only human. We will always encounter the plethora of human experiences and emotions. And the difference between the successful, strong, beautiful, knowledgeable, and loving people and those who are not is that the former never gave up. When they encounter life situations that may cripple some, they refused to wallow in blame, guilt, or self-pity. They believed in themselves, and the goodness that comes from love. They dusted themselves off, faced reality, faced the challenge, and willed themselves to rise above it. We may never be perfect, but we can be perfectly imperfect, embrace our human-ness, and love every moment, trusting that every experience makes us stronger, better, more loving, more beautiful. Such is the beauty of life.  ^_^ Let us love every moment of it -- the good, the bad, the beautiful, the less-than-beautiful. =)