Wednesday, 6 August 2014

True friends

A quote from 幾米 Jimmy Liao:


Time cannot take away a true friend.
Age cannot retain the illusory.
With the passing of time, we will experience the improvement of fate.
With every path, we will learn a lesson.
Through some experiences, can we really see some people for who they are.
In this life, what is truly hard to come by is a good friend.
What is hardest to let go of is true feelings.
What is hardest to forget is someone who understands your heart.
What is hardest to wish for, is to be understood.

Dedicating this to my friend, Angel, who has been with one of my best friends for so many years. True friendship is difficult to find, but once you find it, it never really goes away. Even if you had not spoken for years, one realizes that the time apart has changed nothing when you meet again. Love you, dear. I am glad to be walking down this road with you. =)

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