Friday, 1 August 2014

The path to joy

When your mind is pure and uninfluenced by the ego (in other words, no compulsive thoughts, no fear, no worries, no judgment, just gratefulness, neutrality, pure acceptance and non-resistance), joy pervades every waking moment. You don't even have to seek joy. More accurately, you cannot seek joy. How can something be found (which would indicate a source that is external) when it already exists within? You just have to learn to calm your mind and feel the inner stillness and peace. It is neither a complex nor religious concept (though it can be hard to practice constantly). Simply acknowledge each experience, emotion, thought, as they come, and release (ie. let them go with a loving awareness, without dwelling on the cause). When nothing stays and you accept the impermanence of things, how can you suffer? The only state that remains is that of peace.

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