Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Embrace all of life

"Here’s a little truth for you: Everyone has moments or days in which they struggle. Throughout our lives, we will be presented with challenges, lessons, storms, tough situations, and difficult experiences. We will feel, we will hurt, we will cry—and we will grow. We’ll experience moments where we feel like we’re being presented with more than we can handle. But when you truly think about it, would you want a life where you do not feel deeply? A life where there are no moments of struggle? Would you prefer to live a life of numbness? A life that is a robotic, mundane experience?

It is the courageous that feel deeply. It is the brave that experience all of life. It is the daring that find the strength to confront fear, to discover themselves, to journey within, and to embrace life. We are blessed to have moments of struggle. We are blessed to have the ability to find the lessons in life’s challenging moments. We are blessed with the tenacity and the perseverance to overcome. Every experience is a blessing. Be courageous. Embrace all of life. Be love."

~Creig Crippen

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