Sunday, 5 April 2015

You are light, and you matter so much

I am sharing two links to Christine Arylo's 'Divine Spark for Your Heart' 's of this month, and from my heart to yours.

When you are challenged, please remember that you are made of love and light. The light you are seeking lies within. You have the strength to rise above it all. Behind every challenge is love pushing you to become an even better version of you, behind every fear is love disguised as protection gone awry. Believe. Don't give up on yourself.

When you feel small, like you don't belong, feel inadequate or like an imposter, please remember to acknowledge how far you have come so far! You matter so much to the world. Even if you touched just one heart in this lifetime, you have made a difference. (p.s. you already touched mine. For that, I am sending much more love to you, my friend)

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