Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Being authentic

A piece by Brendon Burchard on what being authentic means:

"...there’s two ways to approach the world:
  1. A fixed mindset, and
  2. A growth mindset.
And that growth mindset allows you to push through your own self labels to say, “Who would I have to become to deserve that dream? Who would I have to become to move toward that dream?”
  • That is real for me.
  • That is authentic.
  • That is in-line with my values.
But it’s allowing myself to stretch myself to go there.
Because if you won’t stretch yourself, your concept of yourself, your own boundaries of belief and behavior; you’re never going to reach that next level of success. 


Sometimes we limit our own definition of ourselves and we call it authentic and real and genuine and what we are is scared. And we need to look at ourselves and say, “Okay, let’s go to the next level.”

  • What’s it going to take?
  • What new thing would I have to develop?
  • What new part of me would I have to find?     "

I agree with him that many people abuse the phrase 'being authentic'. Is being authentic being true to yourself, but at the same time are you insisting that everyone else agrees with your point of view? Or will you be brave enough to acknowledge that everyone has their own experience, history and perspective, and brave enough to stand up for yourself in a loving way that is not aggressive, but kind, compassionate, gentle, firm yet flexible to accept new points of view? Is being authentic saying 'That's just the way I am', or saying 'This is what I feel and think now, but who knows what I can be?' ?

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