Friday, 30 January 2015

Trust in yourself

Most of the time, when we are afraid of failure, afraid of other people judging/blaming us, or rely on someone else to 'save' us, it is because we do not believe in our own abilities to do the right thing. Fear of judgement comes from judging yourself, for either your inability to have done the 'right thing' in the past, from thinking that you will be held responsible for your missteps or mistakes. But how would wallowing in self-blame or fear improve the situation? Remember that you had always been doing your best, with what you knew and what you had. Even if you had been lazy, or acted out of fear, it is never too late to make amends. Just brush yourself off and try again. You don't have to live forever in the situation that makes you feel bad. You don't have to hold on to that 'comfort zone'. Forgive yourself for what you are scared of, or blaming yourself for (for not knowing 'enough', for not doing 'enough', etc.). No one is perfect. Give yourself what you deserve -- self-love. What matters is that you try, and learn, and try again. 
When you realize that you do have the ability to come up with a solution, withstand hardship, or allow yourself to learn what you need to overcome the difficulty (and ask for help when need be), the fears will go away. When you act out of love (which is the absence of fear, and which is what courage is made of), that is when you start taking true responsibility for your life and making life happen. 
Trust in yourself. You can do so much more. =)

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