Monday, 12 January 2015

Courage, Freedom and Happiness

I have learnt that the path to happiness is freedom from fear. The path to freedom from fear is the realization that fear is just a mind-made energy form that you somehow chose to carry around with you.* The path to freedom from fear is to not be afraid of fear, nor to judge yourself for the fear. When you can find the courage and love inside your heart to face the fear, reflect and become aware of what you are really afraid of. Is that worry or concern real or made-up? Can you do something about it? If it's not real, can you forgive yourself for that fear? Even if it's real, does being afraid empower you or incapacitate you?
When you are ready, find the love in your heart for yourself to forgive yourself for whatever you were afraid of, to forgive yourself for having that fear, to accept the healing, you open up a space inside your soul for love to come in to correct that fear. You don't have to do anything else. Positive affirmations may be helpful to keep your strength as you prepare yourself for this forgiveness process, but are not necessary for healing. Just sit quietly, while bringing awareness, compassion, love and space in to accept the healing and correction, and the true source of love** inside your soul will do the rest. The peace you will feel afterward is so profound. 
Sounds like a miracle? Well, it is! Spoken from experience by someone who was an expert at running away from fear, stuffing away emotions and thoughts that scared me  =)
Give it a try =) Start with the small fears, and then move up to the big ones! I hope you find the release from whatever you are afraid of. 
Remember, light triumphs over darkness. Love triumphs over fear. What is unreal (which is what fear is), cannot last under the revealing of what is real (which is love). Find the courage to let love in. Let your inner wisdom guide you to see what is real. When you are healed, you may not even remember what it was that you were afraid of in the first place. 

A word of caution though. When you are healed and knowing, it might be a scary place to be at first. Because, from your place of knowing, you have a choice of acting consciously versus unconsciously (as opposed to before, where you did not, having been taken over by the ego and were acting unconsciously). The possibilities are limitless, you are that powerful. 
But would you rather be conscious or unconscious? I think I would rather the former. 
Let's strive to act with love, not fear. The world will become a much better place this way.

*It's OK, it's only human. Sometimes we keep things we are afraid of at bay but at the back of our minds, unable to let go. It's a paradox of the ego. Don't judge yourself for it.
** True love has no opposite. True love is accepting, compassionate, forgiving and merciful. True love forgives you for everything you might have done 'wrong', for how can you do wrong about something that you don't know? This is the source of healing. 

p.s. "A Course in Miracles", Eckhart Tolle, Christine Arylo and Katarina Phang helped me come to this realization.

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