Monday, 29 December 2014

Love yourself

"Loving yourself first" sounds selfish, but it actually isn't. Only when you take care of yourself, be truly happy with yourself and your life, can you in turn take good care of others and truly love others. For when you no longer judge yourself, you lose the urge to judge someone else. When you no longer have to protect your own ego, you accept someone else for who they really are. When you are happy, you see the world in a positive light, and spread happiness too. 
Therefore, in the new year, would you make the promise to love yourself first and foremost? It is OK to put your needs before others. It is OK to say 'no' when it is the only way to take care of yourself. Don't say 'yes' to things that drain you mentally, physically or emotionally, so much that you end up hurting yourself and others. It is OK to place your happiness first. 
In fact, it is crucial. Fill yourself with so much happiness and love that it overflows, so much that you can't wait to share it with everyone. 
You deserve all the love the world can give. And you know what? It doesn't come from something outside of yourself. It comes from you. It comes from your choices, and the desire to always act from a place of gentle kindness, a place of love. Be kind and gentle to yourself, Love yourself. You hold the key. It may feel scary at first, knowing that you alone are responsible for your own happiness, not anyone or anything else. But when you can tap into the place of unconditional love within yourself, feel the liberation from external sources of happiness. Now, that is freedom.
Much love to you, my friend. =)

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