Saturday, 6 December 2014

Change your questions, change your life

I highly recommend that everyone reads this book. This book introduces the idea of question thinking, a way of approaching any situation or any thought process with questions, instead of statements. 
When faced with a situation, we often react in either of two modes: the Judger mode, or the Learner mode. The Judger mode is judgmental, negative, and keeps you stuck in the spiral of negativity and non-action. The Learner mode is open-minded, inquisitive and looks for solutions. It is easy to fall into the Judger mode, as we are only human (so don't beat yourself up if that is your default state), but it is just as easy to switch into the Learner mode, once you are aware that you are in the Judger mode. This switch is as easy as asking yourself, 'What do I want to do about this situation? What do I want?'. To change your frame of thinking in the Learner mode, you can start asking questions about the situation, 'What are the facts? What can I do about this? What do others need?', etc. To illustrate the difference between the two modes, here is a chart from the Inquiry Institute:
This process is not difficult at all, and can change everything in your life, personally and professionally. All it takes is first awareness, a choice to switch your mindset, and then asking questions. Most of us practice this sometimes anyway, but not intentionally or consciously. Can you imagine how much more powerful this habit can be if you are aware of it and practice it everyday, consciously, in every aspect of your life? One can only imagine the possibilities. 

*Thanks to J&J for giving me this book!

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