Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What are you grateful for today?

I am so happy I found this while wondering how I can write about being grateful =)

On this Thanksgiving, what are you grateful for?

For me, I am grateful for everyone I have met in this life, my family, my friends, strangers who stop to smile and chat, people who challenge me to grow and improve. I am grateful for all this life has given me, and all that it will continue to give me. I am grateful for all the love that comes to me, from all places, some unexpected yet beautiful. I am grateful to the Universe for gifting me a comfortable life, while not letting me become complacent by placing timely challenges along the way, enough to push me yet never too difficult that I cannot overcome. 
Finally, I am grateful for you who are reading this. Through these words, we were momentarily connected for a brief moment in time. And that, in itself, to me, is beautiful. =)
Much love to you, whoever and wherever you are.
Happy Thanksgiving =)

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