Tuesday, 25 November 2014

All about Jane

Today I want to promote Jane Goodall, ethologist and conservationist. Jane's story is one of passion, bravery, and perseverance. 
Read about her story here:
Jane's early work changed our perspective on chimpanzees, that what we thought to be 'human' traits (tool-making, personalities, etc.) are not limited to humans after all. More importantly, her life work remains in environmental and animal conservation, as well as education of youth, challenging them to change the world.
Her fascination with animals never ceases; in a special excerpt in the DisneyNature film BEARS, Jane's excitement at seeing her first bear shone on her face. When asked if she was afraid, she said she was not, because she understands animals' temperaments well. How true. This really struck a chord within me. Many people think that animals are savage and fierce, when animals usually act hostile when cornered or hunting for food. I hope more people are like Jane, having a love for animals that goes beyond fawning over cuteness, while truly understanding that just like us, animals have their own personalities, and are just trying to survive in this world. We are not that much different, if we think about it. We love, we protect, we play. We are all part of this planet, and we all deserve to be respected. 
In what ways do you choose to respect our world today? What would you change?

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